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Welcome to the
Professional Body Piercing Studio in Warsaw (Poland) !

Over ​30.000 procedures performed since January 2008 !!!

The most common parts of the body to be pierced are:

  • tongue,
  • eyebrows,
  • nose,
  • lips,
  • ear cartilages,
  • earlobe (the only time we use a piercing gun),
  • navel,
  • nipples (full anaesthetic, fully painless!!!),
  • intimate places (full anaesthetic, fully painless!!!).

During the procedure of piercing we guarantee: hygiene, comfort, professionalism and discretion. We use only disposable needles, the place to be pierced is anaesthetized, thanks to that the procedure is almost painless; all of our piercing equipment, such as the pincers, is professionally sterilized in an autoclave.

The procedure is performed by a professional, who possesses a lot of experience and proper qualifications; this person will not only perform the procedure but will also give tips which piercing will look best. Before piercing, the spot is marked with a special marker, so that the client can see and agree to the placement.

For clients who are undecided we offer free consultations (however, these consultations do not concern procedures performed at other Salons).

We do not use a piercing gun (apart from earlobe piercings) !!! Piercing guns are only suitable for earlobe piercing – when used on other parts of the body, instead of piercing through like a needle does, they rip the tissue apart which makes healing harder. Additionally a piercing gun makes it harder to precisely measure, use earrings of suitable size and pierce under the right angle.

Clients who are not yet 18 years old have to be accompanied by a parent / legal care taker or have a written agreement with the phone number of the parent / legal care taker and a copy of his/her ID card – the signature on the agreement has to agree with the signature on the ID card.

Prices in PLN (the price includes jewelry made from TITANIUM or BIOPLAST)

Cash only, no credit cards accepted!

Promotion of ​​​​​October 2018 (cash only) – prices in red;
valid only for appointments made by phone

Standard: eyebrow, nose, lip, tongue, navel, ear cartilage, Industrial, tongue web, smiley, bridge, septum, vertical labret

99  promo 79

Cheek, horizontal lip, horizontal tongue, snake eyes

120  promo 99

Surface: nape, cleavage / sternum, sideburn, hip, wrist etc.

99  promo 79


130  promo 110

1 nipple / 2 nipples (full anaesthetic)

150 / 190
promo 99 / 150

Female intimate place (full anaesthetic): Christina, Inner Labia, Outer Labia, Vertical Hood (VCH), Horizontal Hood, Triangle, Fourchette, Clitoris

150  promo 99

2x female intimate place (full anaesthetic): 2x Inner Labia, 2x Outer Labia, Princess Diana

190  promo 150

Female anal piercing (full anaesthetic)

150  promo 99



Consultation before the piercing and our Clients after the treatment


Consultation after the treatment in another piercing studios


Changing of jewelery

15 - 30


od 20

Earlobe piercing with the use of a piercing cartridge or a needle – one ear / both ears

89 / 140
promo 69 / 120

Recommendations for after the procedure:

  • before care procedures hands need to be washed with antibacterial soap,
  • the pierced place (not including the tongue) should be washed 2-3 times a day with a cotton pad soaked with physiological saline and then soaked with octenisept; do not use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide solution,
  • after washing move the earring up and down, if the wound isn’t healing too well, you can use a thin layer of Tribiotic (for a period not longer than 7 days), do not use as a preventive,
  • in the case of tongue or lip, wash the mouth with a chamomile, sage solution or diluted octenisept or dentosept,
  • avoid using bandages in order to not block air from reaching the wound,
  • when the wound is healing do not swim, use the sauna or solarium, do not tan the pierced places, when bathing do not allow the pierced places to come in contact with water – it’s better to shower instead of using the bath tub,
  • regularly check if the earring did not unscrew,
  • do not change the earrings by yourself during the healing process,
  • ensure a proper diet rich in vitamins.

Additional recommendations connected to the healing process

Tongue piercing (tongue ring):
The tongue takes about 2 weeks to heal. Swelling stays on for about 7 days – ice cubes (with sage) can be a good way of making the swelling less:

  • do not drink or eat hot and spicy drinks/food, do not drink alcohol,
  • limit or quit smoking,
  • keep your mouth clean (do not kiss, bite your nails, pens, avoid oral sex).

Eyebrow piercing (brow ring):
The brow takes about 2 months to heal:

  • when washing your head, keep the shampoo away from the wound,
  • when drying your face with a towel, be careful not to irritate the wound or rip the ring out.

Nose piercing (nose ring):
The nose takes about 2 months to heal:

  • carefully clean the nose not to pull the ring out,
  • do not use makeup on the pierced spot, so that air can reach the wound,
  • when drying your face with a towel, be careful not to irritate the wound or rip the ring out.

Lip piercing (lip ring):
The lips take about 3 months to heal. Swelling can stay on for a few days. Redness is a sign of healing:

  • when eating be careful not to pull the ring with your teeth,
  • do not use makeup on the pierced spot, so that air can reach the wound,
  • when drying your face with a towel, be careful not to irritate the wound or rip the ring out.

Ear piercing (earrings):
Earlobes take about 2 months to heal, ear cartilages can take up to 4 months to heal:

  • when using the phone, use the ear that hasn’t been pierced if possible, if that is not possible clean your phone with a disinfecting solution, do not use phones of other people or public phones,
  • do not use headphones,
  • cover the pierced places when using hairspray.

Nipple piercing (nipple rings):
The nipples take about 2 months to heal:

  • do not wear tight shirts and bras,
  • do not lay on your stomach.

Navel piercing (navel ring):
The navel takes about 3-6 months to heal, due to the fact that the piercing goes trough the fatty tissue and not the skin. Redness is a sign of healing:

  • wear clothing which doesn’t irritate and pull the ring,
  • do not strain your stomach.

Femal intimate piercing (rings on intimate spots):
Intimate spots take about 1-2 months to heal:

  • use only cotton underwear,
  • take special care of hygiene,
  • avoid having sex.

Feel free to call is (please call to make an appointment before you come!):
Warsaw, Aleje Jerozolimskie 11/19 (vis-a-vis SMYK), loc.39
tel. +48.732.888.000